Fitness starts here

I’ve recently put on a few pounds, and while I’m not exactly heavy yet, I have reached double digits in dress size and in stone, which is a bit annoying to me. Plus, my boobs are getting ridiculously big and they were pretty much perfect as they were, so operation: get awesome boobs back started today. Well, after I got home from work.

Work wasn’t so good, I had almost an entire big packet of M&M’s which is really bad. But when I got home, I spent 50 minutes on Kinect Sports, 5 minutes jogging on the spot, and 5 reps of 20 squats. I hope to do the former and the latter on weeknights after everyone has gone to bed.

I’m not sure what to do over the weekend. Also, diet is an issue. I’m not sure how to eat healthy at work, especially right this week because I am intensely broke. Home is fairly easy because there’s bread and there’s cheese and some spaghetti and stuff, although right now there are angel slices. But I’m not going to stress out over eating healthy yet. Going to get into the swing of exercise first and maybe get to the point where I can run for the bus before I stress about losing weight proper.

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